We are expert in providing several sectors cargo freight.


Pharmaceuticals and Medical-Hospital

Nuno Ferreira is expert and traditional on drugs and derived transport, it offers clients full support from end to end.

Present worldwide through over 70 own offices for over 40 years, Nuno has expertise in transporting sensitive cargo and providing:
  • Innovative solutions on land, air and sea freight for any type and temperature, which allows your cargo to be taken further for reduced cost;
  • Expertise in customs clearance before several countries, especially the highest demanding ones, such is ANVISA in Brazil;
  • Real time cargo tracking, which provides clients with status regarding temperature and location of their cargo anytime.


For cosmetic field, Nuno has expertise in importing machine, raw material and packaging able to meet this segment's demand. Besides providing customized transport options, the broker know-how ensures that imported cargo is going to be internalized quickly and simply.

Hygiene and Cleaning

Nuno Ferreira is the ideal partnership for companies that produce and import hygiene and cleaning products. It provides effective solutions on packaging, supplies and finished products, besides several warehousing options and the ideal freight. As far as customs clearance, the company has expertise on such segment, which provides peace of mind to clients.

Food Supplements and Vitamins

Food supplement market is constantly growing in Brazil. To make sure clients' supplies and products are being handled as good as possible, Nuno Ferreira provides solutions that optimize logistics and the best cargo warehousing and transport options.

The company also has expertise in supplies, supplements and vitamins clearance, through its know-how, before regulatory bodies, which ensures safer and faster import.

Chemical and Petrochemical

Chemical field present great challenges since it is regulated by strict safety and environment standards. Nuno Ferreira makes sure its clients meet such standards and offers them solutions to improve and reduce costs in every stage of logistic process. Either cargo transport or warehousing, Nuno is able to meet standards established to several products whether dangerous or not.


Nuno Ferreira counts on Fracht structure and expertise in large cargo around the world freight. The company has expertise in transporting reactors, generators, solar energy generator panels, propellers, blades, towers and any other wind turbine component.

Paper and Pulp

Nuno Ferreira has been playing such important role on Paper and Pulp sector in Brazil, by working as logistic partner with the sector key players along its 40 years of existence. Either in raw material, finished product or machinery, Nuno is able to provide this market with the best solutions and make cargo international freight become better and more economical, sustainable and functional.

Besides those mentioned above, Nuno Ferreira is also specialist in petrochemical, gas & oil, farming and automotive industry import.

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