Company starts up its activities based in the city of Rio de Janeiro.


It transferred its headquarters to the city of São Paulo.


New types of barriers to Brazilian importing arise and, thus, demand decrease significantly. Despite crisis, Nuno Ferreira survives with a lot of enthusiasm and assertiveness.


“Collor Age” as it was called, although short lived, it was a milestone in Brazilian foreign trade and, consequently, in Nuno Ferrreira's history.


Nuno Ferreira receives “Johnson & Johnson Suppliers Award”, as an acknowledgement of being one of the most contributor supplier to meet and exceed clients and consumers expectations.


A new logo is launched


Nuno Ferreira receives Phoenix Trophy – “Ephicience as Best Freight Forwarder” in an event held by CIesp-Campinas, supported by Infraero.


Driven by propose of creating consonant with Brazilian potential logistic chain, it launches a new route to air cargo which would enable Brazilian center-western economic development.


Always interested in providing best logistic service, Nuno Ferreira consolidates partnership with Fracht AG and it invests in infrastructure, by transferring its headquarters to the area close to Paulista Ave, which is the main commercial and financial center.


Company inaugurates Guarulhos, Viracopos and Minas Gerais Branches and it also consolidates partnership with Safe Trade, a company specialized in customs clearance.


After a seven-year partnership between Nuno Ferreira and Hankyu Hanshin Express, cooperation is established with the coming of a native professional, focused on services to Japanese-origin companies, which has resulted in opening another path to Far East.


As a result of such successful history, Nuno Ferreira becomes itself a multinational company, upon its acquisition by Fracht AG Group, which makes its presence in international transportation services industry even stronger, more precise and traditional.


The Nuno Ferreira completes 40 years of precision and tradition door-to-door


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  • São Paulo(11) 2174-1000
  • Rio de Janeiro(21) 2263-0323
  • Minas Gerais(35) 3864-7203
  • Paraná(41) 3566-1125
  • Guarulhos(11) 3500-1610
  • Campinas(19) 3725-5961
  • Santa Catarina(48) 3223-1554