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Nuno Ferreira is recommended by FIFA Museum in Zurich/Switzerland for end-to-end logistics regarding Brazilian football historical items export and re-export.

Items of CBF-RJ, FPF-SP and Socractes-SP family collection exposed on FIFA Museum in Switzerland between September 21st, 2016 and February 19th, 2017 during some event in honor of World Cup 2014. In such event, visitors were able to learn more of football amazing history in Brazil through videos and objects belonging to stars such as Pelé, Zico, Sócrates and Friedenreich.

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Shirt of Brazilian National Team - 1958 World Cup
Trophy Replica - 1st Campeonato Paulista 1902-1904
Roca Trophy 1913
Socrates original strip - 1986 World Cup
1914-1956 Brazilian Team Registry Book

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