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EXW EXW - Ex Works - Good is delivered to vendor establishment at named site. Buyer receives goods on production site (factory, planting, mine, warehouse), as scheduled; from collection thru delivery all expenses and risks are on the buyer; vendor obligations and responsibility are minimal.
FCA FCA - Free Carrier - Once cleared to export and delivery to the custody of buyer appointed carrier at named site, vendor obligations ends; customs clearance is at vendors cost.
FAS FAS - Free Alongside Ship - Vendors obligation consists in placing goods alongside carrier vessel at the quay in the port of embarkation or vessels used for ferrying purposes. With the advent of Incoterms 2000 goods clearance becomes vendors’ responsibility, unlike old version when it used to be buyers’ responsibility.
FOB FOB - Free on Board - Vendors, at its expense and risk, must place goods on board of the named by buyer ship in the port of embarkation. It is for vendor to meet export formalities; such formula is the most common in Brazilian export by sea or domestic waterway. FCA clause shall be applied in case of rail, road or air freight.
CFR CFR - Cost and Freight - Expenses arising from goods placement on board of vessel, the freight up to destination port as well as export formalities are vendor’s responsibility; from the moment goods are placed on board of vessel on port of embarkation, any and all risks and damage are buyer’s responsibility. Buyer shall hire and pay for insurance as well as disembark costs. This term can only be used on sea freight or domestic river transport. CPT term shall be used for road, rail or air freight.
CIF CIF - Cost, Insurance and Freight - Cost, Insurance and Freight. Worldwide used clause for meaning all expenses, inclusive sea insurance and freight, up to goods arrival at destination port are on vendors’ expenses; all risks from the moment goods transposes ship’s rails at embark port are buyer’s responsibility; buyer receives goods at destination port and pays for all expenses, such as disembark, taxes, fees and customs duty. This modality can only be applied for sea freight. CIP term shall be used for road, rail and air freight.
CPT CPT - Carriage Paid To - Vendor pays for freight up to destination point; buyer takes over burden of losses and damages, from the moment carrier takes custody of goods. This term can be used regardless of transport mean, inclusive multimodal.
CIP CIP - Carriage and Insurance Paid to - Carriage and Insurance Paid to. Up to agreed destination, Freight is paid by vendor; responsibilities are the same as CPT, added by insurance payment up to destination; risks and damages become buyer’s responsibility from the moment carrier takes custody of goods. This term can be used regardless transportation mean, inclusive multimodal.
DAT DAT - Delivered At Terminal - (Destination port is named). Vendor’s responsibility consists in placing not cleared for import goods at disposal of buyer, at port terminal or named destination place. Vendor affords the costs and risks inherent to transport up to destination port or elsewhere point. Vendor affords the costs and risks inherent to transport up to destination port and such unload on the quayside. After that, it becomes buyer’s responsibility, inclusive regarded to import customs clearance. Terminal can mean any covered or uncovered place, such as quayside, warehouse, container, air or cargo terminal.
DAP DAP - Delivered At Place - (Destination is named). Vendor shall place goods at disposal of buyer, at named destination point, non-cleared for import without unloading from carrier vehicle. Vendor takes over all expenses and risks related up to goods delivery at named destination, except those regarding to customs clearance and import duties. Taxes, duties and official charges in result of import are all at buyer’s expenses. This term can be used for any mode of transport.
DDP DDP - Delivered Duty Paid - Vendor fulfills negotiation terms when makes goods available at import country already cleared for import, but not obligated to make disembarkation; vendor takes all risks regarded to taxes and other charges up to goods delivery; this term represents vendor’s widest responsibility in a counterpoint to EXW.

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