The swiss precision arrives in Brazil by the hands of  Nuno Ferreira

A Swiss company, constituted in 1955 by Reisdorf family in Basel area, specialized in general cargo projects transporting. It has become one of the largest international logistics freight multinational companies.

FRACHT Group has presently 70 offices around the world with over 1.000 employees. Part of such personnel consists of engeneers, designers, ex-road hauliers expert in out of gauge removal. Others are general cargo, perishable cargoes, chemical, pharmaceutical, hospital, cosmetic, food and drink cargoes, automotive, mechanic-industrial, mining, civil construction, oil&gas, paper and cardboard, packages sectors experts, in short, capable teams to meet all demands and economy sectors.

  • Be one of the best freight forwarders in the World
  • Provide secure jobs to all our personnel
  • Maintain a very strong customer relationship
  • Offer innovative tailor-made solutions
  • Plan, create run logistical projects
  • Be flexible, reliable, efficient competitive
  • Save the environment

Aware of its habitat, Fracht Group has incorporated many years ago sustainability its business philosophy. In practice this means that it complies with standard ISO 14001 is aligned in the daily business operations with the needs for environmental conservation.

Swiss precision arrives in Brazil by the hands of Nuno Ferreira.

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