Under globalization, selling national products to alternative markets is excellent option to grow and increase profitability. In order that companies can explore such new markets, comprehensive solutions that ensure their clients' goods to arrive at destination the best available way are provided by Nuno Ferreira.

To potentialize their clients' results, Nuno Ferreira provides:
  • Radar accreditation: in order to be accredited to export, every company must issue "Radar";
  • Land transport of goods to shipping port or airport;
  • VGM - SOLAS: Nuno does weight your container to make sure your goods are duly shipped;
  • Customs clearance, including tribute payment;
  • Paperwork issuance (AWB, BL and Certificate of Origin);
  • Warehousing: the company can provide the best options to store clients' goods as well as Dry Ports (EADIs) handling, fees payment coordination and physical checking;
  • International freght: Nuno ensures the best mean and route for your clients' goods;
  • Real time tracking of all process stages.

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