Founded in 1976 by Nuno Ferreira the company holds prominent place among (logistic industry) major international freight companies in Brazil, as a result of its professionalism level of reliability.

Its personnel are technically trained inside the company, as ethical, moral philosophic values are internalized.

Nuno Ferreira Cargas Internacionais Ltda has been lending great security to its clients. Its permanence for 4 decades in the market has always been reflecting a positive image, is glaring proof of its ethic conduct in a field trust is fundamental.

In result of such success history Nuno Ferreira is now part of Swiss group Fracht AG, a family company constituted by Mr. Ruedi Reisdorf, worldwide recognized for its professionals reliability and know-how, with their own strategically spread around the world headquarters, besides own offices range located in over 34 countries and around 1000 qualified employees.

Fracht AG Nuno Ferreira Cargas merging was strategically planned in order to joint efforts to become even more competitive for international transport logistic segment, by having high quality customized service as the differential, as well as being able to provide, precisely traditionally, logistic solutions for large range of economic segments customers.

Nuno Ferreira Cargas Internacionais Ltda has been operating its own facilities in São Paulo, Guarulhos, Viracopos, Santos, Rio de Janeiro e Minas Gerais, its 80 employees are distributed, under such an organogram that enables transparence on hierarchical matters autonomy on decision-making. Company has also been counting on colligated companies support in all Brazilian state capital, as well as most Brazilian ports airports. It has got such a valuable networking, which gives it all support for international operations.

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