Customs Clearance


Nuno Ferreira's goal is to serve clients in the best possible way, by providing integrated services, which can reduce costs and facilitate freight handling processes.

With increased importance and complexity regarded to international trade especially in Brazil and USA, the customs brokers know-how and expertise has become primordial for successfully cargo delivery. Nuno Ferreira partners with customs clearance companies specialized in protocols in Brazil and worldwide with the goal that in national and global levels the law and regulations are fulfilled.

Besides operational efficiency, the customs brokers know-how ensures Nuno clients the best products framework, by reducing tax burden.

In Brazil, customs services are performed by Fracht Group company: Safe Trade ( and, in most part of the world customs clearance is up to Fracht itself, which ensures operation integration and as a result faster and more assertive, with competitive value.

What can Safe Trade offer you?

-Precision in calculation of charges and rates, as well as commitment in informing and remind clients pending.
-Full process follow-up, which ensures any intervention and quickly cargo release.
-Remote monitoring: client can remotely monitor its processes.
-Flexibility: services are customized to meet each client demand.

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