Freight Forwarding

Nuno Ferreira's concern is to understand clients' needs and provide them with the best solutions on freight forwarding services: land, air or sea or even the combination of them in order of the cargo gets to its destination within the allotted time, best timing and quality.

As freight forward sector evolution, Nuno has been widening its service range, and it is able to provide innovative solutions that can help clients to gain competitive advantage. Nowadays, the company has capacity of joining several qualified service providers, specialized on every mode and professionals able to provide customized services for each demand.

Besides transporting and real time monitoring all types of cargo, the company can also provide great options of insurance, storage, special projects and innovative solutions on refrigerated cargo.

Forty years tradition in Brazilian market added to Fracht global structure and services quality allows the company to provide competitive prices and reliable services, which ensure all clients satisfaction.

Nuno Ferreira is one of the key Brazil x USA route freight forward and, thru its partnership with USA Fracht (, the best advantage and costs can be provided to such route.

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